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Polonez Manchester takes its name from the beautiful Polonaise dance, which used to introduce many important events in the courts of Polish kings. The Polonaise also became fashionable throughout Europe from the 16th to 19th centuries.

The dances performed by Polonez have been choreographed by Pani Zenia Stepowicz and Pani Anna Iskra,  distinguished choreographers from Poland. A varied colourful wardrobe of over 200 costumes has been amassed by the group. Many have been made by the members of the group, whilst others have been imported from Poland when funds have allowed.

Polonez is proud of its many talented members, both longstanding, and more recent, often spanning two generations in families.

Rehearsal Information Contact details
Day: Wednesday Artistic Director: Asia Gwiazdowska-Cullinan
Time: 7.30 – 10.00pm
 Chair:  Jola Walczyk
Location: 196 Lloyd Street North
M14 4QB
Email: polonezmanchester@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.polonezmanchester.com
Facebook: ZPiT-Polonez-Manchester

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