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Our Polish song and dance group ‘Polesie’ based in Leicester was founded in August 1980 by Ania Krupska who continues to be the artistic director and choreographer. During this time Ania studied Polish dance choreography in Lublin and Rzeszow in Poland and was honoured to have been chosen to be the Artistic Director of the 6th Polish Folklore Festival in High Wycombe in 2006.

The group’s name derives from the pre-war Polish region of that name, now part of Belarus. Many emigre Polish families from that region settled in the East Midlands after the Second World War.

In 1985 Polesie’s kapela was formed by Adam Lewszuk and the musicians continue to accompany the group to this day. In addition there is also a children’s dance group called ‘Mlode Polesie’.

Rehearsal Information Contact details
Day: Tuesday Artistic Director: Ania Krupska
Time: 7.30 – 10.00pm Email: aniakrupska@uwclub.net
Location: Polish Community Centre
Wakerley Road
Jan Krupski
Website: http://polesie.webs.com/

Children’s group : Saturdays 1.00- 2.00pm

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