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Młody Las

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Młody Las

The dance group is primarily a youth organisation, aiming to nurture and develop a love for the richness of Poland’s folklore among second and third-generation Poles born in this country, as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle and a commitment to community activities.

The group has been enriched by recent arrivals from Poland, who have marvelled at the authentic elements of performance and are amazed that such a rich cultural tradition has been maintained over so many years.

Młody Las appears all over Southern England, mainly at charity and fund-raising events and, of course, multi-cultural celebrations, as well as traditional folk festivals.

Rehearsal Information             Contact details                                                              
Day: Wednesday Artistic Director: Milo Baumgart
Time: 8.00 – 10.00pm Treasurer: Rysiek Rakowski
Email: Rysiek.Rakowski@mlodylas.org.uk
Location: 48 Pitts Road
Website: www.mlodylas.org.uk

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